Safety First

Safety First

Fully-Equipped For Safe Use.

All Anteo tail-lifts are equipped with safety systems that conform to EC 2006/42 standards and a complete kit including:

  • Lift control panel made of impact-resistant material, requiring two-hand operation
  • Soundproofed hydraulic control unit
  • Electric motor with thermal safety device that stops the tail-lift in case of overheating
  • Flow control valves integrated within the cylinders to limit descent speed in the event of the breaking or bursting of a hydraulic tube
  • Safety switches on every hydraulic cylinder
  • Inclination of rotation cylinders blocked during descent of the platform to the ground
  • Automatic platform inclination at ground level
  • Flags on the platform
  • Operator area clearly marked on the platform
  • Protection bars conforming to REG 58 UNECE
  • CE conformity marked
  • Use and maintenance manuals and functional testing certificates included with the tail-lift

All steel parts are treated with KTL hexacrylic electrocataphoresis.

Several tail-lifts also have PIEK SOUNDPROOFING CERTIFICATION.

F3 CLP 10-15-20-30 special tail-lifts from 1000 to 3000 kg for silent operation during night deliveries (includes silenced power supply unit, sound-absorbing platform coating and automatic trolley stops).